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Chenoa Egawa:  Ceremonial healer, Native American activist + performing artist. Chenoa has worked tirelessly to educate, improve race equity + bridge understanding through the preservation of cultural traditions, languages and environmental awareness on behalf indigenous peoples. www.swanclan.com.


John Burgess: principle + Mark Lee: designer: Incite Partners. This razor sharp, visionary team will build your brand from the inside out: capturing + expressing the essence of who you are and what you do. www.incitepartners.com. Special thanks to Simon Bond, formerly of Incite Partners.


Harriet Cannon M.S., LMFT: Therapist + Consultant. Harriet’s focus, expertise + passion for mixed race, multi-cultural + immigrant studies is evident through her on-going educational research. www.harrietcannon.com.

Rhoda Berlin M.S., LMFT: Therapist + Educator. A portion of Rhoda’s goal-directed offering focuses on cross cultural + ethnic-minority issues.  Her competence and research in multi-cultural + immigrant mental health education keeps her practice relevant. Click here to learn more about Rhoda.

The Scholars at Garfield High School: 2011/2012 – 109 Scholars, need 100% of your generous support. Since 2006, this program has been successful in changing the racial predictability of achievement at Garfield. View more here.


Cathleen Murakami: U.S. Pilates pioneer since 1991: Accomplished fitness expert + educator. Cathleen has been sought after to develop fitness programs at some of the world’s most prestigious health clubs. Her innovative offering is cutting edge + results driven. www.synergypilates.com.

Dr. Amy Fasig, N.D.: This naturopathic physician + pro-active clinical health expert is thorough, upbeat and resourceful.  Dr. Fasig will change your interpretation of alternative medicine + you’ll leave knowing you were in good hands.  www.queenannenaturalmedicine.com

Kacy Duke:  This inspiring fitness expert, co-founder of the Equinox Gym + “Show It Love” Guru, believes fitness must be achieved on three levels: the emotional, the spiritual + the physical.  A chance meeting with Kacy changed my life.  www.kacydukefitness.com.

Lucy Pond: Gifted astrologer, writer + artist. Lucy is known for her grounded wisdom + thoughtful insights; her work is collaborative and transformative.  www.lucypond.com.


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Jim Lee:  Left brain meets right brain creativity @ www.jamostudio.com. Jim has whipped up all my slick web sites with patience and ease. Detailed, creative collaborator and all around great guy!

Vernetta Freeney:  A dynamic, twenty-something inspirational blogger + teacher who is using her voice by creating an on-line community to encourage + motivate women to be the gamechangers of their lives. www.womenaregamechangers.com.